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Blumarine was established by Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini in 1977, in the town of Carpi in the province of Modena. The name was inspired by the couple's favourite colour and their love of the sea.In 1980 they made their first appearance at Modit in Milan,where Blumarine was named Designer of the Year, which led to their first show at Milan Fashion Week the following year.The 1986 Milan Fashion Week saw the first collection wholly designed by Anna Molinari.

As the brand took off and they started to license it to other companies, Blufin was set up in 1988 to act as a holding company.By 2006 royalties accounted for €5.5m of their income.The first Blumarine boutique was opened in the Via della Spiga, Milan in 1990;the company now sells into more than 1000 retail outlets, of which 55 are own-brand boutiques.


Anna Molinari - Blumarine
Via G. Ferraris 13/15/15a,
411012 Carpi (Modena)
Tel: +39-059-637511
Fax: +39-059-688672
Press Office:
Paola Ruffo, Tel: +39-02-784694

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