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Franco Moschino, who died in 1994 aged fortythree, was a man who eluded any limitating definition - including (and maye above all), that of "fashion designer". Instead, he who built a fashion empire worth 210 billion Italian lira, was well known for his scathing remarks on fashion designers, fashion shows and fashion itself.
Moschino's yearly advertising campaigns were always accompanied by challenging and often impudent slogans like: "Warning: fashion shows can be dangerous to your health", "Life is many attitudes, so is fashion", and "Good taste doesn't exist". Provocation became his trademark, but also his way of telling people not to become victims of fashion, not to forego their individuality, not to let themselves be manipulated by what he called the evil media, and above all, not to forget the really important issues in life. Coherent was his personal commitment to ecology and to human and animal rights, which he expressed in his designs, in the choice of his materials and in his ad campaigns. The fact that his clothes were extremely well made by the AEFFE factory near Forli` didn't hurt, either. Moschino declared that he donated much of his income to charity organisations.


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